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Live Happier


Creating a life you love, the one you have dreamed of may seem hard or out of reach. It’s not. You just need to know how to make the necessary changes.

I work with women who are stuck in their pain, who are unable to live life to the fullest. I teach them how to discover all that they are and all that they can be by looking within and seeing their own magnificence.

I can’t wait to share the                                  with you.


Clear a path for Healing

Step out of your pain by identifying and removing the obstacles that get in the way.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Fall in love with life again

Stop coping and start thriving by living the live you've always wanted.

Build your best life confidently

Move from fear to freedom by embracing all of life's challenges with hope.

Drawing from Personal Experience

My life took a turning point when I lost my sister to cancer.

That devastating loss, while at the same time battling a brutal divorce, brought me to my knees.  I hit rock bottom.  I was empty, lost and numb.​ I couldn't sleep, my brain was on autopilot, and I ate to avoid my pain, which only packed on more weight. I was working two jobs to survive my divorce and raise my two boys alone. I was literally walking through life like a zombie.  I tried my best to put on a good front, but inside I was dying.  I knew there had to be more to life than "this" and the only way out of my depression, darkness and despair was to get help and embrace my pain so I could face the truth about what life was trying to teach me.  


Two decades later and a new lease on life, I can offer you with confidence, the same tools I used to exchange fear for faith, embrace loving yourself instead of self-sabotaging your best life and living from a heart of gratitude rather than resentment.

My passion is to share with you how you can live happier even in the midst of difficult times. Open your world to the magic of reaching within yourself to find the wisdom, light and love you need to transform your life!

Let's work together

Conversations of the heart

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